Our Curriculum - Restorative Practice - Positive Behaviour for Learning

The aim of all our dealings with students are;

To accentuate the positive aspects of student behaviour in many ways

To be consistent and fair

To encourage students to make appropriate choices and develop responsible attitudes

To allow the student to change their behaviour over time

To empower students to have a say in their own consequences


We expect that everyone; staff, students, parents and visitors will handle themselves appropriately using our values as a guide for dealing with others.

These values are the 3Cs: Caring - Cooperating - Called to Others

We acknowledge that for some students learning the appropriate way to behave can take time. We must model appropriate behaviour to our most needy students whilst showing compassion and forgiveness. Behaviour plans for these students are written in conjunction with teachers, parents and outside agencies.

*Stand downs, suspensions and exclusions are a last resort after every other avenue has been exhausted.